2 Steps To Teache Your Dog ” To Sing,To Kiss ”

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Teaching Your Dog To Sing :

ذSinging dogs are amusing to watch and could be a lot of fun too.

Dogs have coexisted with the human race for many centuries and are thought to have picked up on some musical aspects of people such as rhythm and a keen ear for new sounds. Moreover, they descended from wolves which really adds up to their musical prowess. From this here fact, we can deduce that most dogs can sing with the correct training.

To train your dog to sing, you will need to first experiment with different musical instruments, sounds, and tones. Be quick to notice which one appeals the most to your dog

Next, teach your dog to bark on hearing a noise cue. Most dogs will bark on hearing a knock on the door, so this is pretty much easy to achieve.

Remember always to give a command like “sing” and then of course reward your dog with a treat. You can also encourage your dog by inviting friends and dog friends over for a sing-along. A sing-along will highly motivate your dog and improve his vocal prowess with encouraging voices from other dogs and their human friends.

With much more practice your dog will be able to sing better.

Teaching Your Dog To Kiss:

Everyone loves to be kissed and hugged, right?

Imagine having a dog that kisses at your command without drooling all over your face. A smooch on the cheek is adorable, and most children love and will enjoy this special treat from their dogs. Like humans, most dogs have this ability given their frequent licking without as much as a prompt.

It’s only a few simple tricks that you need to apply making it one of the easiest tricks in the book to teach your dog.

All you need are lots of yummy treats such as peanut butter or cream cheese. Apply a touch of peanut butter on your face or any other place you would love for your dog to kiss you.

Say something like “kiss” and lean towards the dog while patting the spot on your face. The dog will be more than delighted to lick the treat from your face. However, this is the tricky part, don’t let him lick your face, just after making contact pull away and immediately give him a treat.

Repeat this trick several times every day and before you know it your dog will be quickly giving you a warm kiss at your command. To kiss a friend or someone other than you, you will need to repeat these easy steps with your dog and the other person until your dog understands completely.

Congratulations on teaching your dog how to kiss! You are awesome!

Conclusion :

Despite the fact that dogs are a different species from people, they do have their own particular needs and instincts which are natural for them. They communicate differently from the way we humans do, and what is normal behavior to them is very different from what is normal to us. Bringing a new dog or puppy into your home and life is asking him to change what is normal and natural for him, and therefore the least we can do is teach  him how to fit in. We should also try to understand our dog’s needs so that we can live in an ideal situation with our dog.

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