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Perfect Human Companion
Skilled canine handlers
Lively, sporty sorts
Households with older youngsters

What They Are Prefer to Stay With
Borzoi. Pictures by Kayla Bertagnolli, as captured on the 2018 Westminster Kennel Membership Canine Present.
The Borzoi is loving, variety and gentlemanly. Round the home, she has a peaceful nature and impeccable manners. She feels an intense loyalty to her household and might be considerably straightforward to coach. However the Borzoi has a critical and unbiased aspect. She additionally appreciates calm, quiet and peace.
As a result of they don’t wrestle or goof round a lot, Borzois may not get pleasure from spending an excessive amount of time with young children. Protecting and dependable, Borzois are good watchdogs with a wonderful sense of restraint.
Issues You Ought to Know
Borzoi. Pictures ©volofin | iStock / Getty Photos Plus.
Borzois are born and bred hunters. Be certain that they get plenty of vigorous walks, and all the time maintain them on a leash. They’re very good jogging companions, however don’t push them too exhausting in sizzling climate.
Borzois can stay so long as 12 years. Usually wholesome, some might have issues with bone fractures. Borzois are additionally susceptible to bloat: Feed them smaller parts as a substitute of 1 large day by day meal. Pretty straightforward to groom, Borzois want solely the occasional brushing. Nonetheless, they do shed in the course of the spring and fall.
Borzoi Historical past
Often known as the Russian Wolfhound, the Borzoi was developed by Russian nobles lots of of years in the past to hunt wolves. A rugged and utilitarian breed in the course of the Renaissance years, the Borzoi turned a modern hunting-party canine within the 19th century. Although at this time’s Borzoi is a well-liked pet, some are nonetheless employed for his or her searching and guarding expertise.
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Get to Know the Borzoi: From Russia With Love

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