Dangerous things that can affect your dog if they walk on the hot pavement

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Most dog owners do not notice their dogs when walking on the sidewalk, which may lead to problems that will cause pain to your dear dog.

  • An emergency warning was raised as Dog’s paws were severely burnt for walking on a hot road.
  • Queensland temperature got above 40°C on Saturday: roadway is burning.
  • During heatwaves, never allow your dog to walk on asphalt, hot road or concert.
  • If can’t withstand the heat of the ground for 5 seconds, then it’s very hot


An emergency warning was issued to pet owners as a picture of severely burnt dog’s paws was posted on Facebook; not to allow their dogs to walk around on the hot ground during the heat of summer.

In some parts of Brisbane on Saturday, the temperature was above 40°C. On that day by 1.30 pm, the temperature of Amberley a town close to Ipswich I Brisbane was 41.4°C, with that of Gatton in the Lockyer Valley was up to 42.3°C.

The painful picture showing the bloody and burnt paws was posted on Saturday morning on the Facebook page of Queensland’s Moreton Lost Animal Register.

Pet owners were advised not to allow their pets to walk on hot road or concrete on a very hot dry day so as not to expose them to the danger of getting their paws burnt.

The picture was initially posted in 2018 by the Melton Veterinary Clinic in Victoria, however, the warning was reissued as the temperature of Queensland went above 40°C on Saturday.

There was a report on Saturday morning from Moreton Bay, Queensland, by NiniCambell that the temperature was riding too fast.

According to the report from Cambell, the temperature was supposed to be 39°C that morning but it was quite hot. She also added that it was really hot on pooch’s feet… and if someone can’t walk without shoes on ute trays and sand that they shouldn’t put pooches through it.







Cambell’s post was gone viral within four hours with no less than 670 shares from people that were concerned. The temperature of Footpath concrete can heat more than the ambient room temperature of the day.


This picture was posted on Facebook by Trina Marie of Cootharaba close to Nossa town. The picture is showing the temperature of asphalt was more than 70°C on Saturday by 1 pm.


It is good to test the temperature of road asphalt before allowing your dog to walk on it if the day seems to be hot. According to RSPCA, it advised that you should place the back of the hand on the ground for 5 seconds to confirm whether the temperate is safe for your pet to walk on it.

Cambell also said that the temperature of footpath has risen up to 32°C by 7.30 am.

A Facebook user from Cootharaba close to Noosa north of Brisbane by name Trina Marie discovered that the temperature of asphalt was more than 70°C after measuring it by 1 pm.

“Three weeks of bandaging, taking antibiotics and pain relief so that the skin will regenerate and then more other weeks for the main pad to return. Poor darling” commented by JacBarcy on the Facebook post.

According to a post made by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) on their website, which states that dogs’ paws are very sensitive and most likely be burnt by hot asphalt or pavement.  They also added that people with their pets are advised not to walk on hot concrete, asphalt or sand areas or any other places where heat is much felt and does not have shade.

The RSPCA also said that during summer heatwaves, people should walk with their dogs and pets in the cool hours of the day; late evening or early in the morning.



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Symptoms of heat stress on your pet

– Panting and seeking a cool shady spot

– enlarged tongue and too much salivation

– Redness of the lips and gum, rise heartbeat

– Nervous or unhappy, staggering






Severe heatstroke then progresses to:

– Rapid heart rate, circulation shutdown

– Respiratory distress

– Trembling to seizures and consequence falling down

– Diarrhea/vomiting/ with blood

– Coma and death


– Cool them down as quickly as possible

– Apply ice packs to groin/underarm

– Take them in cold air-conditioned room

– Give it cool water to take

– Immediately they get back to normal, you should take it to the vet to check if there is any damage from the heat stress

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