How To Teache Your Dog To Be Obedient,To Come and To Lie Down

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Teaching Your Dog To Be Obedient :

Unlike many other animals, dogs are naturally social animals. However, if they lack good training, they will make your life miserable by doing things such as digging holes everywhere, drinking out of the toilet, biting your friends, and a whole bunch of other bad stuff. To make sure your dog doesn’t become a bad dog, you will need to have some training sessions with your dog so that you can teach him to behave well.

Note: When training your dog, ensure that you reward your dog immediately. The idea here is to pair a command with a reward to ensure that your dog can clearly connect the reward with performing the desired action. If you wait too long after the command before giving your dog the reward, you’ll probably end up reinforcing bad behavior. For example, if you are teaching your dog the ‘sit’ command, you want to reward your dog when your dog sits, and not when your dog is almost standing up. Thus, you want to reward your dog immediately!

Teaching Your Dog To Come:

Teaching your dog to come is one of the most important things you can teach your dog, which will not only help you avoid some awkward moments of not having your dog trying to run away from you in public, but will also help you keep your dog safe when he’s not on a leash. Follow the steps below in order to achieve total mastery in the art of teaching your dog to come:

• Stand a short distance away from your dog while holding a treat and assume a welcoming posture by spreading your arms out and moving the treat from side to side. At the same time, you should be telling your dog to “come” in a soft, firm, but fervent voice. In other words, you want to look at your dog and say the word “come” again and again like you mean it.

•  Just as your dog begins to come towards you, start praising your dog. You can use any words you like when you’re praising your dog, such as “good, very good!” However, if your dog stops or begins to move away from you, then you should stop praising your dog and only resume when your dog starts coming back towards you again.

• If your dog manages to reach where you are, give your dog the treat and lots of praise. After doing this, let your dog go off and play for a few minutes, then repeat the steps again. With time, begin reducing the number of times you give your dog a treat, but keep praising your dog every time he comes to you successfully. Eventually, you’ll be able to completely stop giving your dog the treats, and this is when you know that your dog has learned to come!

Congratulations on teaching your dog to come! You’re now no longer a weirdo whose dog keeps running away from you. However, if you’re dog is still not coming to you, then get your ridiculous self back to practicing the steps until your dog has learned to come.

Teaching Your Dog To Lie Down:

Teaching your dog to “lie down” is another all-important command for your dog to learn. This skill comes in handy when you have a dog that is always running around making it difficult to control.

Just like any other animal, your dog naturally knows how to lie down, it’s just that your dog needs to be taught to follow the instruction to lie down. You can use the following steps to teach your dog this command:

• Let your dog sit at your left side and then place two of your left hand fingers with the palm facing you into the dog’s collar.

• Get a treat using your other hand and show it to your dog. Lower it slowly to his face. Meanwhile, apply some downward pressure gently on his collar and start saying “down.” If you have a really small dog, you could even do this on a table. As soon as the dog lies down, give him the treat and praise him with such words as “good dog.”

• Repeat the process as the dog lies down beside you at least five times a day for five days. You can tell things are progressing well when the amount of pressure you have to apply on your dog’s collar becomes less and less each time you command your dog to lie down. Another method, which has been proven to complement the above steps, is briefly explained below. You can feel free to use it, but only after first completing the first method if you are not completely satisfied with the results you’re getting. Though if you keep at it, the first method should yield a positive result and should be all you need.

As for the next method, let’s call it the secret method, begin by making sure you are holding a treat which your dog can easily see from a distance. Hold it out towards your dog and then place your hand with the treat in it on the floor. Your dog will obviously try everything to get to the treat. Say “down!”

•  Don’t give your dog the treat if he tries to get it while standing on his feet. Repeat the word “down” again. It might be a bit of a struggle, but your dog will eventually lie down on the floor

and remain looking at your hand on the floor which has the treat. Immediately after your dog lies down, praise your dog and give him the treat.

• With more practice, your dog will lie down immediately after hearing the word “down”; after he is able to link the command with the treat. Just remember, the word “down” is the instruction you will use to get your dog to lie down. Don’t use it for any other purposes, otherwise you may confuse your dog. For example, don’t use the word “down” if you want your dog to get off your bed.

.Yes! Now you have taught your dog how to lie down. Awesome! You’re really getting this stuff, and are already on your way to becoming a professional dog trainer! Way to go pal! However, if you still have not taught your dog to lie down yet, then stop reading this book and go practice with your dog some more!

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