In This Cold Weather : Man Jumps Into Icy Waters to Save Dog’s Life ?!

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Among the most common situations that make one have to do strange things, or we can call them heroic things, as you do not find again to think about a solution to the situation in which you find yourself, and this is what happened with the hero who did this human thing, which was the reason to save the life of this poor dog .

It is difficult to be in a situation that requires quick thinking, which may make a difference between life and death.
It was Don Chatten He walks a bit in the park with his cute dogs? And .. where we all go hiking with our dogs that give us great relief and forget the pressures of work, here was the owner of the poor dog who was suffering the last moments of his life in the Icy water, met this lady  And she asked him to help in the search for her dog and they started searching for him in the park to shock the presence of the dog in the Icy Water, so the hero had only to save the poor or watch him suffer to death, in these moments the thinking period becomes very small especially in cases of death and life, so many People in these moments will not do anything but photograph the dog as he drowns, but when you see people like Don Chatten Know that there are souls that will be saved from death.

Don Chatten rose up  Immediately by jumping into the freezing water after seeing the dog drowning, he said ”If I did not know how to swim, I would jump in the water and save the dog”. Yes, this task deserves us to talk about him on our site to be crowned champion this month.

Jump Into The Icy Water

According WKBW TV  Don Chatten rose up By calling 911, he could not wait for their arrival, fearing the dog would drown, and his last moments approached, fortunately, according to a report of  WKBW TV ,The water was not very deep, as its depth was at the level of the waist and this gave a small advantage in helping Don Chatten To save the dog from the inevitable death.
According to what veterinarians have said ,The fact that Don Chatten hugged the dog when pulling it from the Icy water, this matter has contributed greatly to saving the dog’s life by giving heat to the dog, which has witnessed a significant decrease in the rate of its small body temperature.

The quivering dog has been taken to the vet to be examined and given what it takes to cure a cold chill, as was interrogated , This is what he said in the video below.


Check this:

Dangerous things that could affect your dog if he walks on the hot pavement ?!


And as a thanks to the hero Don Chatten Should everyone inside America and the world know what he has done ,That is why you should share the topic to reach the largest number of people around the world.

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