Jack Russell Terrier

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Small and fast
Athletic and agile
Sprightly and clever
Daring and confrontational
Typically testy

Best Human Companion
Seasoned canine fanatics
Lively, sporty varieties
Households with older kids

What They Are Prefer to Dwell With
Dont be stunned by the small dimension: Jack Russell Terriers is usually a handful. Amazingly athletic and bursting with power, they’ve pure intuition to hunt, monitor and clear up issues within the wild.
In case you reside in a metropolis or the suburbs, your Jack Russell will need loads of walks and excursions. In an residence or small residence, you’ll virtually hear the “buzzing” power of your JRT: They’re perky, energetic and fiercely protecting of their environments. And so they make nice guard canines: A stranger approaching the home shall be met with relentless barking.
Not solely are they helpful, they are often—with the right focus and coaching—wonderful family members: loyal, loving and enjoyable.
Issues You Ought to Know
Jack Russell Terriers have a fierce, headstrong independence and wish particular consideration to take care of an excellent keel. For that reason, some consultants advocate that solely skilled canine handlers ought to have one. Animal shelters across the nation have loads of unmanageable Jack Russells whose homeowners raised them untrained and unchecked.
Residences are okay for Jack Russells, however a fenced-in yard is right—they like to bark and dig and chase small animals. Nevertheless, a fenced-in yard will usually not be sufficient for these canines. Although small, they’ll leap very excessive and have been identified to leap fences once they get bored and stressed. On a stroll, all the time hold them on a leash. They’re extremely quick, plus they’ve an intense curiosity and a fearlessness that would get them into hassle with larger canines.
Jack Russell Terriers get alongside tremendous with the entire household, however younger kids needs to be taught to not tease or damage them.
A wholesome Jack Russell can reside so long as 15 years. Frequent well being points embrace cataracts and joint issues, however it is a strong breed with comparatively few well being points.
Jack Russell Terrier Historical past
Jack Russell, an English clergyman, developed the Jack Russell Terrier within the mid-1800s to hunt foxes and different small sport. At the moment, the canines have been known as “fox terriers,” prized for his or her endurance on lengthy hunts and talent to dig animals out of their dens. The time period “Jack Russell Terrier” was coined after Rev. Russell’s dying to be able to distinguish the small working canines from the present “fox terriers,” which have been bigger. Even right this moment, Jack Russell Terriers represent a variety of various varieties.

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