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What They Are Prefer to Reside With
The Kuvasz is a loyal household canine with a powerful sense of independence. Protecting and devoted, this canine would a lot reasonably patrol the perimeter of the family than cuddle on the sofa. The Kuvasz is thought for being a mild and watchful presence round kids. Whereas clever and straightforward to coach, it’s considerably delicate, responding to constant however constructive coaching.
Issues You Ought to Know
The Kuvasz can reside so long as 13 years. Widespread well being points embrace deafness, hip dysplasia and eye issues. Its thick coat requires every day brushing, particularly throughout spring and fall shedding seasons.

Being a natural-born working canine, the Kuvasz must be busy. Farmers and ranchers (particularly in colder climates) will admire the Kuvasz’ dedication and intelligence. Not one of the best house canine, they want at the least a medium-sized yard and vigorous every day walks to remain mentally and bodily sharp.
Kuvasz Historical past
Named after the Turkish phrase for “guard,” the Kuvasz appeared in Hungary (by means of the Magyars) greater than 800 years in the past. Used as each a hunter and shepherd, the Kuvasz ultimately turned in style in Europe as a police canine. Right now, the Kuvasz nonetheless tends sheep all over the world, however it additionally serves as a beloved family pet.

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