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Perfect Human Companion

What They Are Prefer to Reside With
The Lowchen has a really completely happy outlook on life. Pleasant with virtually everybody, it brings cheer and pleasure to any family. Delicate and loving, the Lowchen craves affection and a spotlight from members of the family. These canines are very smart, simple to coach and wanting to please.
Not your typical lapdog—although endlessly cuddly—the Lowchen has a troublesome and fearless streak. It is going to stand as much as the mightiest problem to guard its household and territory. Be certain the Lowchen will get an excellent day by day stroll, and don’t overlook the leash: These canines have a particular affection for squirrels.
Issues You Ought to Know
The Lowchen can reside so long as 14 years with comparatively few genetic well being points; nevertheless, some Lowchen can develop a knee downside referred to as patellar luxation, along with eye issues comparable to cataracts and PRA (progressive retinal atrophy).
The Lowchen wants an excellent, thorough brushing each week to stop mats and tangles—if you’ll find the time to brush it every single day, that’s even higher. The Lowchen is often clipped to have a “lion” look, i.e. brief hair on the again and a mane up entrance. However, seek the advice of knowledgeable for the grooming fashion that works greatest on your Lowchen.
Lowchen Historical past
We all know that the Lowchen, which implies “little lion” in German, dates again to the 15th century, however we don’t know the place it got here from. Whereas many canine fans say they originated in Germany, others say they’ve a Mediterranean background. Standard lapdogs and companions for hundreds of years, Lowchen have additionally appeared in lots of well-known work by means of the ages.

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