Afghan Hound

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What They Are Prefer to Stay With
Afghan Hound. Pictures by Kayla Bertagnolli, as captured on the 2018 Westminster Kennel Membership Canine Present.
Due to their elegant look, Afghan Hounds have constructed a fame as austere and trendy metropolis canines. In fact, Afghans are energetic and athletic and completely outgoing.
The Afghan could seem just a little reserved with new individuals. However across the house they’re much extra relaxed, easygoing and even humorous, rolling round on the carpet and cracking jokes. Not particularly protecting, Afghan Hounds nonetheless type very robust bonds with their households. They want plenty of love, consideration and togetherness.
Issues You Ought to Know
Afghan Hound. Pictures by Olga_i / Shutterstock.
Afghan Hounds wants a great half-hour stroll every single day to remain in psychological and bodily form. Not the most effective house canines, they need to have a decent-sized again yard to frolic in. Simply be sure to have a fence, and a tall one at that: These canines can leap nice heights. Keep in mind to all the time preserve the Afghan Hound on a leash in public.
Afghan Hounds can reside so long as 14 years. Usually wholesome, some can develop hip dysplasia and cataracts. Grooming could be considerably of an ordeal with Afghan Hounds. Their lengthy, luxurious coats want day by day brushing and common bathing to remain underneath management. Nonetheless, they aren’t extreme shedders.
Afghan Hound Historical past
Westerners found Afghan Hounds in 19th-century Afghanistan, the place that they had been prized looking and herding canines for a number of thousand years. Nimble, robust and quick-footed over Afghanistan’s rugged landscapes, these canines guarded livestock and hunted gazelles and leopards. In the present day, they mix a working canine’s power with a family companion’s allure.
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Get to Know the Afghan Hound: Unique and Elegant Hunter

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