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A pet bet is a special type of sleeping quarters for any type of domesticated animal, but they are generally crafted for a dog. Most of them are forged with a unique and durable fabric that is both comfortable and durable. They are economically designed to accommodate the shape and size of your dog and definitely vary in size. Bigger dogs will require a much larger bed and it will discourage them behaviorally from jumping on the sofa and causing a host of unwanted issues.
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It's a controversial topic among dog trainers and dog owners alike. Whether to use an electric collar or not. First of all, most trainers and dog owners who use an electric collar do not like the words shock collars. Although that's what an electronic collar does, deliver a small electronic shock to your dog or puppies, it's not like your dog or puppies have entered a prison and are being administered a near electric chair shock voltage experience. Electronic collars are much gentler than that and can be an invaluable method of training your dog.