How Many Poisonous Snakes Are There In Arkansas?

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Arkansas is home to six species of venomous snakes: the copperhead, the cottonmouth (water moccasin), the timber rattlesnake, the western diamondback rattlesnake, the western pygmy rattlesnake, and the western coral snake. While encounters with these snakes are rare, it is important for residents and visitors to be aware of their presence and to exercise caution when exploring the outdoors. If you encounter a venomous snake, it is best to keep your distance and contact local wildlife authorities for assistance.

How many venomous snake species in Arkansas are known to hibernate?

Three venomous snake species in Arkansas are known to hibernate. These are the copperhead, the cottonmouth (also known as water moccasin), and the timber rattlesnake.

What is the typical habitat of a venomous snake in Arkansas?

Venomous snakes in Arkansas can be found in a variety of habitats, including forests, woodlands, grasslands, swamps, and rocky hillsides. They prefer areas with ample cover such as leaf litter, fallen logs, and dense vegetation, which provide them with seclusion and opportunities for ambushing prey. Some common venomous snakes in Arkansas include the copperhead, cottonmouth, and timber rattlesnake.

How many venomous snake species in Arkansas are endangered due to habitat destruction?

There are currently no venomous snake species in Arkansas that are classified as endangered due to habitat destruction.

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