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Dogs and puppies love to play and they like to use their senses. Dogs have a great sense of smell and they like to spend their time sniffing out different things. There are some ways to amuse a dog with a toy and allow them to use their sense of smell. A snuffle mat is a great toy that can be homemade. This mat is made from fabric strips that are used to look like grass and treats can be hidden in the fabric pieces. The snuffle mat can be made from many different types of DIY materials and is washable for easy cleaning. There are many snuffle mats on sites such as chewy but they are easy to make at home.
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You got a brand-new puppy, you have given your sweet fluff ball a name, and a cute collar. The puppy's warm bed Is ready to come home to and a full bowl of food. What else could this puppy need in its little life? Vaccinations. Vaccinations are crucial in your puppy's life to promote healthy growth, and a long happy life. Vaccinations are also important for your puppy's interaction with others and the environment they will live in. Puppies can be exposed to many diseases and illnesses just like adults and it is so important that they are protected to prevent unnecessary infections and illnesses. In this pet forum we will go over the specific vaccinations you should get to protect your new little bundle of joy.