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According to the New York Times pets in general but cats, in particular, can benefit from pet drinking fountains. According to the times, while there is no indication that drinking fountains induce dogs to drink more (your Leave it to Beaver father was right, just give your dog a bowl of water and be done with it, that doesn't apply to cats. Quoting veterinarian Dr. Michael Lund of the ASPCA, cats tend to keep themselves in a dehydrated state, a state that is not good for their kidneys.
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Do you own an indoor cat? Do they like to climb on the counters and furniture? Do they scratch up your couch, bed posts, or other furniture? Cats are natural hunters and like to climb to high places. Have you ever noticed your cat laying on the back of your couch or laying on the counter top? This is similar to cats climbing trees or another higher areas. They climb trees to watch for their prey and to escape to a safe place. Cats have claws that help them climb with precision. Cats also climb trees or object just for fun or exercise.